Monday, April 20, 2015

Backgrounds Reel

Here's my new backgrounds reel containing work from projects I worked on, edited together with some lovely music from the FLCL soundtrack :D

Feel free to have a watch, maybe share it round if you can!



Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Wild Rover

In case ye didn't know, my pet project while Nelly and Nora's been in production is Rover Was Here. Here's some highlights over the past while;

A bit more character

So we're coming to the end of production on Nelly and Nora, and it's been fun. And challenging. Also, an awful lot like colouring comics, which I wouldn't have said going in. Emma (Hogan, art director)'s real passion lies in shape and pattern, whilst I'm a pure colour man all the way! This really allowed us to play off each other's strengths- meaning I got to do a lot of colour keying for each episode, with every conceivable weather type! We have some wild west influenced palettes, some very Japan-inspired palettes as well as exploring the almost contradictory nature of Irish weather!

With all those environments during the day, it seems like I had an itch to scratch with characters in the evenings- here's some I made for fun. Of course, we have a quick annual Ratchet and Clank fan piece :D