Monday, September 19, 2011

Ratchet in the Works.

I've a funny feeling this is gonna be one of those pictures I'm gonna look at in the morning and see a million things wrong with, but here's this for now. My annual Ratchet and Clank fanart. These are the games that really got me into gaming, and I still mightily enjoy bludgeoning hundreds of aliens and robots with my trusty Omniwrench. This is like the 8th year I've done this, and I'm trying to outdo myself from the previous year. Links to the older ones can be found at which I find hilariously awful. Sort of. The...2008 one I'm still kinda fond of. But onwards and upwards. Hope y'all like it. Ratchet's property of Insomniac Games, I just play the things they make.

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