Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 in review

What happened this year?

-Worked at Giant- first NOT-A-BACKGROUNDS-designer job! WIN!
-Got first pass of animatic for short film KART done!- WIN...SORT OF
-Got Backgrounds job at Boulder! WIN!
-Got Concept Designer job at Boulder! WIN!
-Got to do some character and prop stuff too on an IP I love! WIN!
-Moved into a HOUSE with a front/back garden, good heating and my own office- WIN!
-Learned to DRIVE! -WIN! (well, still need my license, but drove my family across coutnry this week!)
-Went to THU in Portugal and met lifelong heroes of mine! WIN!
-Went to Amsterdam! WIN!
-Completed the intro course for Cross Fit! WIN!
-Actually began seeing a therapist! WIN!

There was also less cool stuff that happened, like learning my limit when it comes to after hours work and personal projects. Kart's staying where it is for now, because I don't have the juice to get it done myself.
I made a comic for DCCC that didn't get printed because the quality of the finish wasn't high enough, and the Teeny Rex physical copies embarrass me to this day.
I decided to stop doing comic cons for a few years, unless I have a good tangible book to show. It's a disservice to put all the time into drawing and then have a literal lacklustre finish.

Doing streams for Rover was a lot of pressure, but I liked the idea of getting work out more regularly. Gonna have a think about doing it again. Gotta make something, otherwise what's the point? Whatever it is, let's make it great!

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