Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 a year in review

This has been an immense year for me.

I finished a 52 episode season, headed the background department on 2 pilots, made pitch art for a game, did concept work for a game which was successfully kickstarted, helped illustrate 2 books and began teaching professionally! Oh, and I did some conventions as well! And I coloured a book for a friend of mine! The list goes on, it seems!
Along with some friends and colleagues we went to Annecy Film festival where one of our Nelly and Nora episodes was up for an award. We didn't win, but it was an amazing experience to be surrounded by so many like minded folk, along with great weather (some of the time!) and brilliant films.
That lit a fire under  me to make a film that's more personal for me, and it's actually started growing into something bigger. I'm determined to get the film part of it done, and a lot of headway has been made there!
Then life continued, I did some illustration for a pastry company in London that kept me busy and on my toes for a while!
Finally, September arrived and with it Trojan Horse Was A Unicorn (THU) in Troia, Portugal. To say it blew my mind was an understatement; I learned so many things and met so many great artists it took me til mid November until I could parse a lot of what I took in. Having THU TV to go back and rewatch talks DEFINITELY helped :D

I've been SO busy, but everything you see above was created after all the day jobs were done- I see an art test for the banner saga, some fanart, a piece for Chris Oatley's Magic Box, as well as the last three months trying to implement some of the tips I got in Troia.

This was also the year I moved in with my partner, and it's been great to have my own office full of posters and artwork that ISN'T my bedroom, even if I end up spending most of my waking day there!

I'm looking forward to seeing what 2016 brings,  but mostly I'm looking forward to making things, and learning things. Life is good. Take care, everyone.

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