Sunday, April 19, 2015

A bit more character

So we're coming to the end of production on Nelly and Nora, and it's been fun. And challenging. Also, an awful lot like colouring comics, which I wouldn't have said going in. Emma (Hogan, art director)'s real passion lies in shape and pattern, whilst I'm a pure colour man all the way! This really allowed us to play off each other's strengths- meaning I got to do a lot of colour keying for each episode, with every conceivable weather type! We have some wild west influenced palettes, some very Japan-inspired palettes as well as exploring the almost contradictory nature of Irish weather!

With all those environments during the day, it seems like I had an itch to scratch with characters in the evenings- here's some I made for fun. Of course, we have a quick annual Ratchet and Clank fan piece :D 


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