Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekly Roundup

I was really not feeling it last week when it came to me painting, so I set myself some exercises.
The first was to paint 3 things in the same file, on top of each other. The first three are the result of this. It's a great way to vent your brain; if you see a pattern or theme you can work with it, or if not you can ditch it and move on. I was in Paris last weekend, so cue urban spaces and airports :D 

I did miss my stream last week, so I did a quick pic up later in the week. Was really unhappy with how it turned out, and after two hours of hammering away I realised that using photo textures in my work changes the feel SIGNIFICANTLY, and not necessarily in a way I can comfortably control. The version below is before I got stuck in with photobanging galore, and to be honest I'm happier with it at this point.

In search of comparison, I looked at some of my favourite artists, and they didn't seem to use it all that much, so I decided for this week to shelf that tool and just paint something straight off the bat. I did some playing with design first out, and then knocked this one out for fun.

Oh , and if you're interested in catching these fresh off the presses, check out my twitter account @ciaranlucas :)

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