Sunday, May 5, 2013


I've seen too many examples of this of late, so I feel the need to address it. Tiny bit ranty, but I'd rather people be aware of it and address it directly-

Many of you are painters or photographers who share your work online, and it makes good sense to sign/watermark your work so it can't be redistributed/used/altered without it being clear where it came from.

That's great, but everything you put in a picture has a visual weight, and having a GLARING RED NAME in a lovely cool composition literally ruins the experience. It's worth taking the time to pick a colour, size and style that will work WITH the image and not look like a blistering eyesore.

I always go for a tightly kerned Arial ciaranlucas or in the corner for finished stuff, in a local to low tone that fits the rest of the picture. Some people use kanji, some people use initials, and all can work excellently . However, your name shouldn't be the thing people's eyes go to first, or else a name is exactly what you're gonna get.

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