Sunday, October 7, 2012

The thing about tutorials

Occasionally, when I am wont to do so, I watch painting tutorials on youtube. The imagineFX channel is PARTICULARLY good, but the overall thing I feel is that I would have stopped WAY earlier than the artists in the demos. with that, I've decided to keep working on this thing, until I'm sick to the gills of looking at it. So far, I'm still really enjoying it, and thankfully I still have enough layers that changing things like character scale isn't too taxing on the paint-time.

I've really found a favourite in the erodible square brush- JUST enough texture, and works out in a shape that's quite conducive to my line weights- which is sort of the point really, to match trad media

Anyways, I'm also limiting myself to not being on the computer after 10.30 on a schoolnight....and of course by schoolnight I mean work the next day. So I bid thee adieu, and if I get through my receipts tomorrow evening (ew!) I might have another update yet again.

Really interested to see if I overwork this and ruin the pic as a result, or if it pushes me to a new level. LET'S DO A SCIENCE!

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