Monday, October 22, 2012

Best Viewed as Small as possible

So I was walking into town yeterday, and was getting a bit miffed that I couldn't do any colour studies on the fly, which was the final nail in the 'why don't I get an iPad?' coffin.

So I did, and after seeing what Jason got out of his with a lovely little app called Procreate, I swiftly downloaded it to give it a shot. I'm impressed. It's still taking a bit getting used to, but the sheer freedom is amazing. Plus, it's bigger than my sketchbook would be normally, so there's more breathing room in terms of drawing space. You lose out on pressure sensitivity, sure, but that's something I need to force myself not to depend on.

This one's from a Costa, looking out onto Dame St. I was actually a tiny bit too restrained with the colours, having snapped a photo afterwards, but at this stage I'm just experimenting with the program and checking it out.

Any apps you guys absolutely recommend me getting? There is SUCH a world of potential to this thing, I can't wait to play some more, and to make cool things with it.

 Stay cool,


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