Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A dose of Moonshine

So Graham brought in a copy of Moonshine today, and it inspired the hell outta me.

Topic is tangentially based on a suggestion by Adam :D

Getting the hang of PSCS6, and beginning to find some brushes that work for me. I could quite happily work back into this...I think it was about an hour's worth of noodling :) Kept it about a quarter of the size of my monitor for most of the painting, right up until the lantern appeared. Starting to really like that approach.


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous mate. Really nice to see the breakdown as well. Look forward to seeing more like this.


    1. Thanks mate. Looking forward to getting more painting done in the future. Congrats on the Kraken. When's it being unleashed?

  2. I agree, always fun to see progression. Nice work.