Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Warming Up

You may have noticed I've been quiet as of late, and that's been because my computer went and catastrophically died on me, so I've been somewhat stuck for my digital painting and other digital tomfoolery.

More or less back up and running now, and trying to get used to all these upgrades (it's a hard life :D) so I've been angling towards a few of these paintings. Oddly enough, the biggest barrier to productivity is *where I have my keyboard* Significantly less desk space= hardware overlap, so I've been trying different arrangements the last few nights as I refill my machine with backups etc. Tonight I think I hit it, and had a blast painting the top one you see there.

Now to dive into flash and illustrator, and hopefully by the weekend I'll be back up to full working speed. Or, if PS is anything to go by, potential faster. Here's hoping! Still wrangling with my old computer in a very literal sense- the hard drive is in the stupidest place imaginable, and if that comes out I might get the remainder of my old files back.

Fingers crossed.

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