Thursday, December 1, 2011

Seeing Life in Watercolour

Watercolours have always bothered me. Coming from a lighting-first approach the idea of rendering light-to-dark has never sat well with me. Wet media overall have never been a strength of mine- at least not until I took deliberate steps to learn inking/washes through a month of trial-and-error-no-photoshop-for-you.
Now I use inkwashes as my go-to medium.
I was at a con recently, and was asked to draw Rainbow Dash. Which I did, on model, grayscale. I was kicking myself- I had forgotten my brushpen so it was as much setup as having a set of watercolours. So I thought 'enough is enough' and before I start those wonderful Gnomon masterclasses next week I'm gonna get some watercolour work done.

These are early efforts, and much as I dislike them there are a load of things that make me go OH THAT'S HOW YOU DO THAT with each picture. Blacksad was the first one- Panda on the realisation that lines aren't necessarily a good thing and this evening's girl is up top. She's from a stock image on Deviantart.

ANYWAY, this is actually a lot of fun. Why wasn't I doing this years ago?

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