Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 1

I started on this Gnomon Masterclass malarky today, and the first lecture I watched took some inkblots and turned them into a finished painting, going through it step by step and explaining the methods and methodology behind it. 

I tried putting it into action earlier, but I was frazzled and ended up sitting down in front of the TV in a huff. I DID do some inkblots to try and do it as close to EXACTLY as Mr Limorick did, and left them to dry.

On my way to bed, I figured I'd scan them, and be ready for a fresh start as a morning warmup. 

Then this happened. 

This isn't finished, not by a long means. Usually at this point I'd struggle with where to go, but I'm confident (with a larrrrrrrrrge stack of notes to back me up) that I can see this one through. But now it's 1.30, and I'm up early for work. 

The first one is my inkblot, and the second is where I'm at so far. Looking at these in TINY I'm gonna set some of that yummy negative space back under the turret. But yeah, its interesting how after such a frustrating attempt earlier, this could even be called 'FUN'

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