Friday, August 19, 2011

Liquifier, sure I barely know her

So I've been working on this pet project of mine in the evenings, which I'm going to keep MORE OR LESS under wraps until MCM in October when I should have something solid to show for it. I will show this, because it's a match to the technique I used in this and for the same project. So yeah, it's different. Especially if you see the raw pencils/inks. The tool in question is of course the liquify tool, which lets you warp in a much more intuitive and flexible manner than the aul' warp transform. Yes, I'm a bit of a slowpoke to this thing, but LEARNING.

It's doing things I'd never draw, but I love nonetheless. I'm on cs3- are there any wonderfeatures in the later versions I'm missing out on? Or even in this version.
This is still a work in progress. I'm gonan digipaint over it, but it was nice to get a bit more bushwork done.

On second thought, I may be posting more of this as it occurs. The character designs are all done, now onto props and then onto the main event.

Let me know what you guys think ;)

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  1. That looks cool man. One feature of CS5 that I can image would be a godsend to cleaning up pencils is the Puppet Warp tool. I can post a video on my blog showing how wonderfully useful it is if you like. Just let me know.