Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I, like most people, can be incredibly cynical and negative at times. Like right now, but luckily I've learned to basically break through it and keep going...otherwise I'd be a much better gamer.

There's a couple of things I tell myself to get me out of ruts, and push me to keep it up. Here's some of them.

Don't forget your basics.
Anything that isn't continually pushed will atrophy.
You are not your job. LIVE A LITTLE. OUTDOORS.
You are nowhere near good enough to be satisfied. Get drawing!
You are good enough to put work out there, there are more published, less talented people out there.
Excercising and sleep are important. Make time.
Life doesn't stop because you have a deadline. No suggestions on that one though.
Research is worth the time. Always.
Whatever you do, see it through.
Be economical. Work smart, work hard, work well.
Play to your weaknesses, especially when drawing. You hate drawing poodles? Guess what your next job is gonna be...
Don't begrudge the success of others. Be happy for them, inspired by them and let them know it! Everyone has the same doubts of their own work.
The only difference between productivity and laziness is perspective.
Be proud of your work, and how you do it. That is time, and skill, and part of you. You work is a greater mirror to your psyche than you can ever realise.

The reason for the title; I tried to post this as a facebook status first, and it said it was too long- 1337 characters was too many.

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