Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sketchy Thoughtbubbles

So last weekend was the ThoughtBubble festival in Leeds. Despite various errors in judgement, flight times and bank balances myself and Alan made it into the city late Friday evening. We gorged ourselves on yummy chinese food and watched the Children in Need proceedings. Cue a night of dehydrated-from-salty-noodles-insomnia, but Saturday was the MAIN EVENT.

It got very busy, very fast. I was sitting next to the lovely Moo and Keo guys, who're great craic and charming folk. Stephen Downey arrived a little before noon with a selection of prints and quality original drawings for sale.

There were a TONNE of people there I'd loved to have gotten a chance to talk to, but enormous queues prevented this. I did geek out a little at Doug Braithwaite's table. Some pencils just tick all my boxes; usually those with a dilligent respect for life drawing.

Speaking of life drawing, we managed to find ourselves in the right place and right time for the Dr Sketchy's event. I've heard of Dr Sketchy's before- a nice mix of drinking, costume/burlesque and life drawing, but had never partaken. The theme for the evening was 'Superheroes' and we were treated to Ms Jupiter and Catwoman.

I really enjoy life drawing, and it was great to get some good practice in, as well as have the craic with Stephen and Al. As fate would have it, I won a prize for the above drawing so I was quite stoked.

Soon afterwards the tables were moved aside for the afterparty. There was a rotation between Travelling Man crew and Phonogram crew, and each brought something excellent to the table. I don't know how many people realised what was playing was the closing credits to the Raccoons, but I appreciated it's genius.

Cue drinks, dancing (Ilya has some serious moves by the way) and interesting conversations that shall never be repeated. Ever.

My profits exchanged for hangover, hampered by cold pizza and a late star, Sunday inevitably rolled around. We wandered up to the Art Gallery just in time for John Romita Jmr's talk which was interesting and entertaining, and gave me a healthy fear of Mrs Romita. I also got to sit in on Bryan Talbot's talk on the evolution of Anthropomorphic comics which was informative and different.

Last but not least was my portfolio review with Steve Wacker. I think it went well, though he did say that getting a job as a colorist in Marvel is the _hardest_ of all positions.

Buzzing from that, we got some lovely nibbles from the walking dead this is McDonalds and were off, bidding adieu to Stephen and returning back from whence we came.

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  1. Sounds like you had a blast man, it certainly sounds like an experience! Im guessing it was overwhelmingly inspirational :D Glad to hear you had a good time though dude.