Monday, October 4, 2010

Hulk Warmup

A quicky warmup for this morning. I was never a huge Hulk fan, but I have to say I was well impressed by the Ed Norton film. Been toying with donig a hulk related pic, and might still get around to it at some point. For now, this 20 minute doodle is all I have.

In other news, I'm starting work coloring some issues of Chris Houghton's Reed Gunther which is new and fun for me. Can't wait, had a blast doing the sample page.

The 24 hr comic event is happening this Saturday/Sunday coming in the Central Hotel in Dublin, from noon til noon. I won't be there for the whole 24 hours, but will definitely be making an appearance.

To all of you going to NYCC I'm insanely jealous. Looking forward to MCM London and Thoughtbubble. Both should be fantastic, if you're around feel free to drop by and say hi. More on that closer to the day.

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