Saturday, October 9, 2010

Black Dog

My soundtrack for the week has largely been made up of various episodes of Cowboy Bebop. An absolute classic, that still more than holds its own today both visually and through sound. Great writing, clever twists on archetypal characters make for suprisingly memorable characters and episodes. Jet is one of my favourite characters, so I thought I'd do this up.

Trying to go a bit more design-y, seeing as my last pic (Ratchet) was very background heavy. Tomorrow is the 24 hour comics event in the Central Hotel in Dublin. Never tried anything like this before, should be fun. Might start a few hours late owing to a family commitment, but I'm swinging for the 24 pages nonetheless. Maybe. We'll see.

I think it's time to blow this scene, get everybody and my friends together. OK, 3,2,1 let's jam :D

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