Thursday, August 5, 2010

An oldish drawing test from a job I didn't get. I don't HATE it, so enjoy.

Today's been really prolific, doing some more work for scouting, finishing a painting for private sale AND a quickie ink commission still to be done. If I get time this evening, I'm gonna start coloring on a new project which I'm looking forward to.

Coloring is definitely one of my preferred art chores, purely because I love bouncing lights around in photoshop and playing with how it passes through objects. Which is what really kills the pic above here- with no defined lightsource (it was to be on a transparent background) defined it was tricky to render and I think the piece suffered for it. Add a lack of SSS, and you've got why I'm not really into rendering standalone objects without a world to belong to.

A load of deadlines coming up for different things, but managing OK. The difference getting up early makes is unbelievable.

All the best.


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