Saturday, July 31, 2010

Kitty Fritters

(Painted directly from reference, about 10/15 mins)K

So today was spent catching up on things...writing things, tidying things and even a little bit of painting. I've done some quick pics of explosions and cats, although none of the two together as of yet.

Have written the outline for my submission for the 24 hr comics anthology. Tomorrow I'll judge whether or not its any good, and get down to the fun character design bits.
I'm not sure how exclusive the submissions for it have to be, but I'll be quite happy to post bits and pieces here as I go.

For now though, it's 1.30, and the later I leave it the harder it'll be to pry myself from my comfy comfy bed in the morning.

Expect a big long rant about style tomorrow. In the best possible way.

Stay classy,



  1. That looks great man, and the speed at which you painted it is legendary! Great expression as's very "AND I CAN HELP YOU WITH..?"

    Also kudos on the eclectic mix of Explosions and Cats. :D

  2. That phrase 'eclectic mix' has been forever changed for me. XD Thanks mate